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Academic & Institutional

Milord Company has responded to the needs of the nation’s communities with construction of the highest-quality academic and institutional facilities. New buildings, major additions and renovations, often to historical facilities are our expertise. Our ability to seamlessly blend the old with the new, while minimizing disturbances to ongoing activities, is unmatched. We understand that the sole purpose of your industry is to be an inspiration to others. We will take special consideration and care; knowing that we are working with you to build a better community for all. We understand the detailed requirements of academic and institutional facilities.

We offer a full range of professional services, giving you the support you’ll need from start to finish.

  • Understanding the personal ownership that administration, teachers, the community and parents take in an academic or institutional project.
  • Knowing the occasional difficulties of fundraising and the importance of working within budget constraints.
  • Making ourselves available to meet with the various committees and groups so that everyone has an understanding of the dynamics of the project, and that we understand the ultimate desires of you, the end user.
  • Daily communication with school representatives.
  • Pre-planning for minimal disturbance to school schedules.
  • Experience with strict time frames for construction (summer months).
  • Safety for children is our #1 priority. We understand the Owner’s concern of construction personnel working around children and implement procedures to alleviate those concerns such as I.D. badges and sign-in/out sheets for all workers, and independent sanitary facilities for construction personnel.
  • Understanding the importance of environmental equipment that deliver the desired levels of comfort while providing long-term economies of operation and maintenance.

Industry Specific Experience

Elementary SchoolsHigh Schools
Activity & Gathering CentersMulti-use Facilities & Campuses
Municipal ComplexesHistorical Buildings
Information Technology & Computer LabsNew, Additions & Renovations

Project Gallery

Summer Renovations to Thornton & Thornridge High
Wrightwood Campus Renovation
Alan B. Shepard High School
Elgin High School
Rosary High School Library & Classroom Wing
Chicago Union Station
Valley View CUSD 365U