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Buddig Montgomery Renovation

Project Summary:

This project consisted of fast-tracked design, engineering, permitting and construction of a 280,000 SF cooked meat RTE plant renovation of a mothballed facility the Owner purchased. The design and construction schedule included around-the-clock work in efforts to meet the demanding three-month schedule for the Owner to get one-third of the plant operational ASAP. Then an additional three-month schedule to deliver the next third of the plant.

Selective renovations and the refurbishing of two-thirds of the facility created two complete operations. The work included construction of all of the new process equipment, major new ammonia refrigeration upgrades, 85,000 SF removal and replacement of new urethane floors, all new LED lighting, all process piping (electric, water, nitrogen, air, chilled water and steam systems), wastewater treatment rework, new dock equipment, new IMP panels, high speed roll-up and refrigeration doors, and interior curb and bollard work.