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HelloFresh / Factor75 Aurora

Project Summary:

Milord Company was brought onboard to renovate an existing marketplace into a new 70,000 square foot Factor kitchen, production, and fulfillment center. This project was under an extremely tight timeline and was broken out into two phases to accommodate critical dates Factor needed to be operational by.

The first phase included the build-out of a new hot kitchen, which consisted of a brand new 60 foot long back-to-back kitchen hood, a free standing steel support structure, as well as a custom utility chase to feed ten ovens, five grills, and eight skillets. Milord also installed three specialty blast chill tunnels, an industrial tray washer, utensil washer, and pot washer, as well as multiple food conveyors and automated packaging machines. This phase also included repurposing and supplementing the existing refrigeration system to create six holding coolers, as well as new production and fulfillment rooms. The entirety of this work was completed in under two months.

The second phase included the addition of a new refrigerated outbound shipping dock and dock staging space. Milord Company successfully constructed the entire loading dock during the middle of winter and got our customer in over a month and half earlier than expected.

Factor ownership expressed immense gratitude in our ability to deliver this project within the extremely tight time constraints we were given. Our success on this project helped Factor hit critical growth milestones in their journey to becoming one of the most successful meal delivery companies in the nation. Milord Company gets no greater pleasure than helping it’s customers grow and succeed. Milord Company has also completed extensive renovation and build-out work at Factor’s Burr Ridge facility to help them further fulfill the rapidly growing demand for their product.

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