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Alabama State Port Authority – Automotive Roll On/Roll Off Vehicle Cargo Terminal

Project Summary:

Milord Company partnered with Transdevelopment Group to design-build a new 40,000 SF Vehicle Processing Center (VPC), 760 SF Fueling Station (FS), and 620 SF Trucker Waiting Station (TWS) as part of the new Roll-On/Roll-Off Vehicle Cargo Terminal for the Alabama State Port Authority.

The Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) included 22,000 SF of vehicle processing space which contained a three-bay adjustable light tunnel, utility drop stations, vehicle lifts, and electric charging stations. As part of the VPC a fully automatic carwash tunnel was installed along with a separate manual car wash section. The VPC also included a new body shop with a brand new paint booth. Lastly, office spaces, conference rooms, breakrooms and bathrooms were included as well.

The Trucker Waiting Station (TWS) was a stand-alone structure consisting of a small breakroom, bathroom, office and utility room.

The Fuel Station (FS) comprised of a outdoor canopy housing two 1,000 gallon fuel tanks. An SPCC plan was developed by our team for our clients final use of the FS.

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