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APM Terminals On-Dock Intermodal Facility

Project Summary:

The Milord Company was engaged by APM Terminals North America to construct the on-dock Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) at their new greenfield port facility in Portsmouth, VA. Milord provided complete construction, including grading, 20,350 LF storm water drainage, 79,000 tons aggregate base/sub-ballast, 28,000 tons asphalt paving, 18,700 SY of 18” reinforced concrete crane ways, 16,800 TF of new CWR process track, 15,200 tons ballast, 2,080 LF compressed air, electrical distribution & high-mast lighting, security fencing, pavement markings and all appurtenances for a fully functional on-dock intermodal container transfer facility. Milord Company worked closely with APMT and their consultants under extremely tight schedule constraints to ensure that the integral ICTF servicing the new port was completed for Day One operations of the deep water terminal that represented the largest investment in a company-owned container terminal in the United States.