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CSXI North Baltimore, Ohio

Project Summary:

In an effort to meet the growing demand in intermodal traffic, the Milord Company was contracted by CSX Intermodal Terminals to expand their central hub terminal located in North Baltimore, Ohio. The $15 million dollar expansion included the addition of operating tracks throughout the yard along with doubling the size of their process area, including the addition of two wide span overhead cranes. NWOH terminal is CSX’s gateway hub, so this project had to be built, without disruption to their daily operations, while under a tight schedule.

The expansion consisted of adding five new tracks including two bad order tracks, two engine ready tracks and a new receiving and departure track, all totaling 16,000 track feet. Also, included in the installation were two new continuous craneway foundations and track totaling 4,300 track feet, to accommodate the two wide span cranes. The addition of eight new process tracks totaling 25,600 track feet, along with 17 new turnouts. 42,000 tons of ballast was placed for the new track work, 65,000 square yards of new concrete and asphalt was added to accommodate vehicles, all while maintaining CSX’s current operations. The project was completed ahead of the contract schedule.