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East Empty Container Yard, Bayport, Houston, TX

Project Summary:

The Houston Terminal, LLC. Bayport Terminal Complex is in the Greater Houston area in Texas, which is part of the Port of Houston Bayport terminal. The 26-acre empty container yard is an extension to the Bayport Terminal on its Southeast corner. Milord Company was contracted by the Houston Terminal, LLC to design and build the 26-acre empty container yard. The project included earthwork, soil stabilization of both lime and cement, aggregate stone, geotextile fabric, cement treated base and roller compacted concrete paving. The drainage was designed to include a 1,500 SF trench drain in the middle of the paved area. The yard was split into 3 main areas: Heavy Lift, Trailer & Car Parking, and Container Storage. The empty containers will be stacked in blocks of 7 high, with a maximum depth of 18 containers, and a average dwell time of 12 days. The operation layout has a total capacity of 3,558 ground slots.

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