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Garrows Bend ICTF at Mobile Alabama

Project Summary:

The construction of the Garrows Bend Intermodal Container Transfer Facility consisted of designing and building a new ICTF for the Alabama State Port Authority located in Mobile, Alabama on Garrows Bend. The facility consisted of two new process tracks, craneways, container stacking area, loading lanes, new gate area, parking areas, storage track and bad order track. Two new leads tie in on east and west sides to existing transportation tracks owned and shared by CN, CSX and The Alabama Port Authority. A new entrance road was constructed and tied into Baker street, along with emergency access road also tying into Baker Street.

Milord worked closely with the Port, The City of Mobile, and the utility companies to coordinate and complete the entire project. We also worked closely with AIRBUS who would make Airplane deliveries approximately once a month. During these deliveries, all streets had to be closed, cleaned and any obstructions higher than 10’ removed so transports could move the planes right by the main construction entrance and RR crossing to the project.

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