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Norfolk Southern Locomotive Servicing Facility

Project Summary:

Originally constructed in 2006 by the Milord Company, this three-building facility was expanded in 2013 by Milord. This project includes a two-track hi-speed fueling and servicing gauge pit building with full fueling, sanding and lube capacity, dumps, and a specialized foam fire suppression system together with welfare facilities; as well as a three-bay rapid repair facility including pits, catwalks, pedestal supported tracks, drop table, wheel truing machine pit, car pullers, overhead cranes and hoists, specialty docks, activity warning systems, and full MEPFP systems. Completed under very tight space and time constraints in a fully operating terminal. Site work included fuel line bridges, fuel pump skids, track work, extensive sewer and industrial wastewater systems, OWS, pump stations, generator. Milord recently added new wash and maintenance bays to the existing building while maintaining Norfolk Southern’s 24/7 operations.

The new construction consisted of a 12,000 square foot PEMB structure attached to the existing building. These new maintenance and wash bays included all the supporting MEP’s and equipment. The repair bay consisted of pedestal mounted raised track and maintenance pit with continuous platforms.  The repair and maintenance work stations included compressed air, lube, oil, waste oil and power servicing equipment.  The wash bay construction consisted of all non-corrosive materials including all galvanized tri-level wash catwalks and platforms, FRP wall panels, direct fixation track and remote wash system. The overall structure was a pre-engineered metal building with integral fall protection, overhead cranes and all supporting mechanical systems. Complicating the construction was the owner’s around the clock operating yard and maintenance facility, while working between a live track and existing building and removal of 180 LF of existing wall to marry the facilities.