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Calvary Church and Campus Development

Project Summary:

As a part of the preconstruction services, Milord assisted Calvary Church in multiple property evaluations and the final purchase of property from the Archdiocese of Chicago. With the Church’s shrinking budget, Milord reprogrammed the entire project from the previous site locations to its final design that sits on a 33 acre greenfield site. The building design was cut into the side of a hill to lower excavation costs and exterior details while savings operating costs from the reduced HVAC loads. In addition Milord’s value engineering included structural precast design with stamped patterned brick and sandblasted finish to mimic a stone and brick building. With the shared post subcontracted savings, the church elected to add millwork paneling, color acoustic panels and stage curtains. The church was also able to add a monument sign, cabinets, electric choral risers, folding walls, and high quality theatrical AV system. Also, additional toilet rooms, lighting accents and sconces, a DDC control system, shelving, appliances, drywall ceilings and clouds, brick pavers, flagpole and offsite improvements were provided by the savings.

The Calvary Church received the distinguished Citation of Merit Award from The American Institute of Architects Eastern Illinois Chapter.

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