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Fox Valley Presbyterian Church

Project Summary

The Fox Valley Presbyterian Church is a series of interconnected buildings constructed between 1956 and 1992. The Milord Company was pre-selected to assist in pre-construction design, planning and budgeting to demolish a 5,700 square foot section of the building located in the center of the complex and in its place, erect a new 10,200 square foot multipurpose education facility. This project literally cut the middle out of the building and reconnected the two ends, while renovating the gathering and hall spaces while keeping the facility open throughout. Significant challenges included erecting the weatherproofing and temporary partitions at the east and west ends to keep the church, pre-school and offices functioning in a safe environment. Utilities were cut off for the demolition process. Temporary electric service, fire alarms, water and sanitary had to be provided. An egress corridor with washroom facilities had to be completed out of sequence, for the state sponsored pre-school entity to allow school to resume on schedule.

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