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St. Isaac Jogues

Project Summary

St. Isaac Jogues Church had a burgeoning congregation and were cramped for space. They decided it was time to expand and remodel and Milord Company was there to help. We identified that the footprint of impervious areas was too great to allow for an expanded building without a contingency for handling the stormwater runoff, so Milord Company installed an underground detention system to accommodate the stormwater. We then erected shoring towers around three sides of the church and removed three of the four perimeter supporting walls to allow for the expansion. New support steel was installed, along with helical piers to increase the bearing capacity of the existing column foundations. Overflow wings were added to two sides of the building and a new adoration chapel was added on behind the existing Apse and Reredos. A new main entrance and gathering area with green screens and artwork was added. And lastly, the sanctuary ceilings and reliefs were restored to their original glory. All of this work was safely completed with no impact to the parish school immediately adjacent to the project.

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