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Railroad and Intermodal

CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc.

Project Name: Evansville Western Railroad CFILC

Location: Winter Haven, FL

Project Summary:

The project involved the expansion of the existing intermodal facility providing 480 additional truck parking spaces. In addition, the project included the lengthening of the existing crane rail and electrical cable by 1,000 linear feet which allowed for CSXI to add a fourth wide-span crane. By adding the wide-span crane, CSXI increased their capacity of 300,000 containers per year to 400,000 containers per year.

The expansion more specifically included the construction of over 14 acres of site grading, drainage system, 45,000 tons of aggregate base stone, 67,250 square yards of 10″ reinforced concrete paving, crane rail foundations, tie-downs, electrical vaults, high mast lighting, 3,800 linear feet of fiber cabling, and crane rail including 2 crane stops.

The terminal incorporates cutting-edge technology that includes solar panels on each building, LED lighting, 4 high-powered electric cranes that minimize noise and emissions.

Milord Company delivered an innovated approach to the design-build approach by providing numerous cost saving ideas to the project. By reducing time in the construction schedule, minimizing the drainage system, and diligently choosing subcontractors that were driven to reduce costs Milord provided a $1.4 MM savings to CSXI. Overall, project cost was $12,007,000 and construction was completed in 6 months.

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