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Construction Management

Why let Milord manage your next project?

For certain projects, construction management is the appropriate method of delivery. Construction management allows for a variety of contractual arrangements, and Milord can assist you in deciding what format best fits your particular project. Milord’s in-depth understanding of field construction management allows us to tailor execution strategies specific to your project that are cost-effective, reliable and efficient. We will help guide, assist and educate, as needed, so that you are comfortable and confident with all decisions made.

Our in-house knowledge of both design and construction ensures that every project will be:

  • Designed and constructed to best meet your needs
  • Budgeted accurately
  • Permitted appropriately
  • Scheduled aggressively, but realistically
  • Managed effectively, with minimal red tape, and single primary contact
  • Safe and code compliant
  • Cost-effective
  • Integrated project controls
  • Expert system knowledge
  • Quality control and quality assurance

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