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Milord’s Experience and Recommendations

The most effective opportunity for saving money on a construction project is during the planning phase. Milord Company is the most experienced provider of design-build services, and we have a staff of design-build experts that can help you decide if this method is right for your project. Forward-thinking facility owners increasingly realize that the sign of an effective organization is its ability to timely respond to the needs of its customers and constituents. In response they have turned to the design/build method for delivering facilities to meet those needs.

Milord Company has been executing its professional design/build method for over half a century; far longer than other firms. Forming an early alliance with Milord as part of a multi-pronged team approach to budgeting, design, permitting and construction provides the benefits of the method: single-source responsibility, significantly reduced overall facility completion time, reduced capital outlay, earlier known and controlled costs, maximized quality and efficiency and competitive bidding of trades. Milord believes that the design-build method provides many benefits to owners who have budget and schedule demands.


What is Design-Build?

Though the design-build method of construction delivery seems like a new concept, it’s actually one of the oldest recorded construction approaches. What is now called design-build was historically referred to as the “master builder” approach, and it was the method used by ancient Egypt to design and construct the pyramids.


The master builder was a highly-respected artist and construction expert that took responsibility for the design and construction of the project. He had complete authority on the building site, and he was responsible for overseeing the collaboration between the design and construction teams and to combine the expertise of those professionals into every phase of the project.

In the 1900s, this approach shifted into two separate entities: architects and general contractors. The architect would be responsible for design only, but had little knowledge of how the designs would be constructed. Upon completion of their drawings, they would solicit bids from a couple to several general contractors. The selected general contractor would be responsible for construction but would have little knowledge of design. This method of delivery is called design-bid-build.

Design-build can be either integrated where the design and construction teams are all employees of the same firm, or a D/B team can be a partnership between a design firm and a separate construction contractor. The process is still the same, and responsibility is single-sourced.