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Ed Miniat, LLC. Cooked Meat Facility

Client – Ed Miniat, LLC.
Location – South Holland, IL
Relationship – Since 1995

Project Summary:

Milord first built Miniat’s state of the art greenfield cooked meat facility on 22 acres in 1995.  In 1998, due to incredible success of the facility, Milord was called on to double the through put.  Using an innovative technique for rapid product cooling, the plant doubled its capacity.  Once again in 2005, Milord partnered with Miniat to expand the building’s footprint adding raw processing to one side and RTE to the other.  Additionally, a few years later, Milord added a corporate office addition and culinary kitchen.  In 2013, Milord completed the most recent RTE line expansion in a previous dry storage area.

Milord continues to partner with the Miniat Companies on future expansion plans.