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Project Summary:

This project consisted of an initial phase of extensive interior demolition that included clearing out several existing process rooms and a boiler room, as well as the complete demolition of the existing slab in several areas. Subsequently, the renovation and remodeling phase commenced, comprising of: new process rooms complete with new concrete and urethane coated floors and curbs, new insulated metal panel walls and ceilings, stainless steel trench and floor drains, stainless steel triple compartment sinks and hand sinks, stainless steel process piping, new food grade lighting throughout both the new and existing process areas, two stainless steel platforms for future blenders, piping for two new boilers and a hot water heater, new steam and compressed air piping complete with installation of a new air compressor, two new custom grease traps, and the install of three large food grade make-up air units.